Your Input Is Needed

Send photos, obituaries and stories about people buried at Zion Lutheran Cemetery to: Al Leedahl, 716 11th St S, Benson, MN 56215

Please include names of the people on the photos. 

If you can scan photos and obituaries, please send them as JPG (.jpg) documents in an email.  It is also preferred that you send stories and other printed information as Word documents in an email.  Send all emails, including requests for more information, to:

If you scan the photos and use photo editing software to place names on the photos, please use a font that is large enough so it can be seen on a cell phone when the photo is shrunk to a width of 320 pixels.  If you know how to change the dimensions of a photo in photo editing software, please send photos at a maximum of 1000 pixels in width.  This will also reduce the size of the file, making it faster and easier to send.

If you prefer to have more control over how everything looks on the page, email your combination of  photos, obituaries, write ups, etc. in PDF documents.