Zion Annual Meeting on May 21, 2016

At a Board of Directors meeting on January 24, 2015 a decision was made to hold annual meetings on the third Saturday of May each year.  Annually:

Cleanup / Maintenance will start at 9:00am
Annual Meeting of Members will start at 1:00pm
Bring your own sack lunch

At the May 16, 2015 annual meeting members voted to advance the proposed bylaw changes with a few editorial changes to clean up punctuation, a few misspelled words and make some simple layout changes to make the bylaws easier to read.  Now a major item for discussion at the May 21, 2016 annual meeting will be a vote to approve the bylaw changes.  To be approved, the changes to the bylaws must passed by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members voting.

Current Bylaws

Following is a summary of the proposed changes:

- Article III (Members) changed.  It has been very difficult to maintain a list of relatives of people buried in the Zion cemetery.  Since all relatives of people buried in the Zion cemetery are eligible of membership, the directors have proposed changes to the bylaws regarding membership, voting rights and proxy.

- Article IV (Meeting of Members) changed.  A minor change was made to Section 2. Section 3 (notice of meetings) changed and section 4 (member mailing list) deleted since it has been very difficult to maintain a membership list and it costs money to send out notices.  Section 5 (quorum) was then moved to Section 4.

- Article VI (Officers), Section 5 (secretary): the reference to member list was deleted.

- Article XII is eliminated. Reserve funds for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery have been maintained, but a legal perpetual fund was never established.  In discussions with boards of directors of other cemeteries in the area, Zion directors have learned that establishing a legal perpetual fund can actually be more of a liability than an asset.  Therefore Zion directors request Article XII is eliminated from the bylaws.

Proposed New Bylaws