2010 Annual Meeting and Work Day

Most of the first two weeks of May were cold, wet and cloudy---dreary... But Saturday May 15, our 2010 Annual Meeting and Work Day, was sunny and warm!! It was so nice we held our Annual Meeting outside under the evergreen tree in front of the church and on the church steps.

The weather was so nice that we forgot to take pictures--we have only a couple to show you--one & two.

There was a good turn out--over 20 people. The women cleaned the church, both upstairs and downstairs. The men mowed the grass and removed the lower, dead branches from some of the trees. The men also worked on a few of the grave stone markers.

Following is the secretaries report: The Zion Cemetery Assn. met for the annual meeting May 15, 2010, following a cleanup work day. Jim Haugen called the meeting to order. The secretary's report was read and approved upon motion by Bruce Stainbrook and Paul Leedahl. The treasurer's report was read and approved upon motion by Verna Leedahl and Alberta Bratland.

Old Business: discussion was held on advertising burial lots; no action was taken.

New Business: discussion was held on insurance coverage. Motion by Darrel Liedahl and Alton Leedahl to leave as is. Discussion was held on the proposed 2012 celebration. It was decided to inquire how many would be interested in attending, when sending out the 2011 meeting announcement.

Alton Leedahl's term as director expired and was reelected. Directors terms are as follows:
Alton Leedahl - 2015
Paul Leedahl - 2014
Gordon Solhjem - 2013
James Haugen - 2012
James Liedahl - 2011
Mowing schedule as follows:
May - Gordon and Bruce
June - Paul, Guy, Steve
July - Korre, Darrel
August - Jim and Richard
September - Gerald and Korre
October - Gordon will contact
Motion by Alberta/Darrel to adjourn.
Secretary, Audrey Solhjem