2008 Annual Meeting


Zion Lutheran Cemetery Association, Inc.
6030 County Rd 23, Leonard, ND 58052
Cleanup Day & Annual Meeting
May 17, 2008

Dear Family and Friends: This year the annual meeting of the Zion Lutheran Cemetery Association, Inc. will be held on Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution day) May 17, 2008.

Cleanup Day: The day will start at 8:00am with cleanup of the cemetery property.

Noon Sack Lunch: Each person will bring his/her own sack lunch for the noon meal.

Annual Meeting: At 1:00pm: We will have a map of grave sites. The only business the board has to bring to the meeting at this time is a discussion regarding investments: What is the safest investment with the highest yield for donations, lot sales and renewal of CD's?

Afternoon Lunch: Bring cookies, bars or Norwegian delicacies to share with one-another.

Pictures and Additional Information: Check out the Internet Web Site at: www.ZionLCA.com Meeting updates will be posted on the web site. If you want to receive a printed copy, send a stamped self-addressed letter to Zion Lutheran Cemetery Association, Inc. at 6030 County Rd 23, Leonard, ND 58052.

Please send us your new address If you have moved. Thank You!

Cleanup Day: May 17, 2008
Everyone had a good time:

Mowing grass and trimming trees

Eating and Socializing

Adding Top Soil to the Cemetery 

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